An adventure where you have to learn to communicate


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Way is a puzzle and platform game that sets itself apart from the genre with one key detail: you must play it together with a stranger over the Internet. You can also play with a friend... but in that case the experience won't be the same.

If you find another person looking for a partner, you can start a game, which places your character on the top part of the screen and the character controlled by your partner on the bottom (or vice versa).

At this time you'll probably realize that you'll need to cooperate with your partner on the other side of the screen if you expect to solve any of the puzzles presented by the game. Most of the puzzles require two people to perform actions together, like in cooperative mode in the game Portal 2. And, also like in Portal 2, you'll have a series of gestures and commands to help you establish communication.

With all of this in mind, your objective is to reach the end of the adventure (which shouldn't last much longer than 20 minutes if you have a competent partner) by solving all of the puzzles that are put in front of you. Most of these puzzles are not very complex, but they do require that you communicate with your partner.

Way is a unique experience that uses simple puzzle and platform game features to teach a valuable lesson about nonverbal communication.
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